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Miltenyi Biotec MACSplex Exosome Kit

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The MACSPlex Exosome Kits allow detection of 37 exosomal surface epitopes plus two isotype controls.

The MACSPlex Exosome Kit comprises a cocktail of various fluorescently labeled bead populations, each coated with a specific antibody binding the respective surface epitope.The 39 bead populations can be distinguished by diff erent fluorescence intensities by flow cytometry.

Exosome are incubated with the antibody-coated MACSPlex Exosome Capture Beads. Subsequently or in parallel, exosomes bound to the MACSPlex Exosome Capture Beads are labeled with the MACSPlex Exosome Detection Reagents. The MACSPlex Exosome Detection Reagents can also be combined to create a cocktail comprising of MACSPlex Exosome Detection Reagent for CD9, CD63, and CD81. Consequently, sandwich complexes are formed between the MACSPlex Exosome Capture Bead, exosome, and the detection reagent (see Gallery, Figure 1). These complexes can be analyzed based on the fluorescence characteristics of both the MACSPlex Exosome Capture Bead and the detection reagent. Positive signals indicate the presence of the respective surface epitope within the exosome population (see Gallery, Figure 2). It is also possible to compare different exosome samples using the MACSPlex Exosome Kit allowing semi-quantitative analysis of differential surface epitopes.


The MACSPlex Exosome Kit allows for qualitative and semiquantitative analysis of 37 exosomal surface epitopes. The MACSPlex Exosome Kit has been developed for the simultaneous flow cytometric detection of 37 surface epitopes that are known to be present on different exosomes plus two isotype control beads.