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Miltenyi Biotec MACS Marker Screen

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MACS® Marker Screen has been designed for screening and analysis of 371 human markers by flow cytometry. The kit combines the benefits of flow cytometry and high quality pre-titrated antibodies to screen for markers of interest in a standardized and high throughput manner. Identified markers or combinations of markers can serve to better characterize cell compositions or cells of interests, e.g., for quality control purposes. Furthermore, markers can be utilized to develop target cell isolation strategies.

Predefined experiment tables containing well annotations and basic instrument settings for the MACSQuant® Instruments allows for an convenient annotation and analysis of samples.

MACS Marker Screen, human contains APC-conjugated 371 monoclonal antibodies to cell surface markers and 9 isotype control antibodies arrayed onto four 96-well plates. The kit offers an array of pre-titrated, high quality antibodies, validated for flow cytometry analysis. Many of the MACS Marker Screen antibodies are recombinantly generated REAfinity™ Antibodies. REAfinity Antibodies are generated under standardized in vitro–culture conditions and engineered to lack binding to Fcγ receptors (FcγRs). Binding to FcγRs is one of main cause of background signal in flow cytometry analysis. In addition, use of APC-conjugated antibodies in MACS Marker Screen allows for convenient screening of GFP or YFP expressing cells.


MACS Marker Screen has been developed for flow cytometry based identification of surface marker expression for:

  • ● Characterization or profiling of cell lines or primary cells and cell mixtures.
  • ● Identification of expression changes with different experimental conditions, e.g., variation of cultivation media, upon cytokine stimulation, co-cultivation, differentiation, etc.
  • ● Development of cell separation strategies.