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Exbio BasoFlowEx® Kit

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The BasoFlowEx® Kit is intended for flow cytometry examination of IgE-mediated allergic reactions via analysis of CD63 antigen exposition on basophils in human heparinized whole blood upon allergen stimulation.

A commercially available allergens (e.g. for prick tests) can be used for the stimulation.

Regulatory Status CE-IVD

BasoFlowEx® Kit contains following reagents:

1. ED7043-1
Stimulation Buffer – 5 lyophilized vials, 1 vial is intended for stimulation of 20 tubes.

2. ED7043-2
Stimulation Control – 2 lyophilized vials, 1 vial is intended for stimulation of 25 positive controls.

3. ED7043-3
Staining Reagent – 1 vial containing 2 ml of premixed antibody cocktail: anti-CD63, FITC labeled + anti-CD203c, PE labeled.

4. ED7043-4
Lysing Solution – 30 ml.

General references

Product Specific References

  • The anti-CD203c antibody was described during HLDA VIII workshop.
  • The anti-CD63 antibody MEM-259 was described in: Cerny J et al., EMBO Rep. 2004 Sep;5(9):883-8.

Example Data


Fig. 1. Delimitation of basophil population (CD203cpos/ SSClow).



Fig. 2a Histogram of negative control basophils.



Fig. 2b Histogram of allergen-stimulated basophils.



Fig. 2c Histogram of positive control basophils.