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BioLegend Mouse Regulatory B Cell (B10) Flow Kit

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Splenic IL-10-producing CD1dhighCD5+ B cells have been designated as regulatory B cells (Breg or B10). These rare IL-10- producing B cells represent only 1%-2% of spleen B cells and 7%-8% of peritoneal B cells in mice but are not normally detectable in blood or lymph nodes. B10 cells are a unique subset of potent regulatory B cells different from B-1a, B-1b, or CD21+CD23- mantle zone B cells.

B10 cells produce IL-10 and negatively regulate T cell function. BioLegend's Mouse Regulatory B Cell Flow Kit is composed of fluorochrome conjugated anti-mouse CD19, CD5, and CD1d. It is optimized for detection or isolation of B10 cells by flow cytometry.

Clone: 6D5, 53-7.3, 1B1

Isotype: Rat IgG2a, Rat IgG2a, Rat IgG2b

Reactivity: Mouse

Materials provided:
FITC anti-mouse CD19/PE anti-mouse CD5/Alexa Fluor® 647 anti-mouse CD1d, 25 tests
FITC Rat IgG2a/PE Rat IgG2a/Alexa Fluor® 647 Rat IgG2b isotype controls, 25 tests

Materials not provided:
Cell Staining Buffer (Cat. No. 420201)
TruStain FcX (Cat. No. 101319)

C57BL/6 mouse splenocytes were stained with Mouse Regulatory B Cell Flow Kit (CD19 FITC/CD5 PE/CD1d Alexa Fluor® 647). Histogram shows staining with CD19 FITC; dot plot data shows staining with CD1d Alexa Fluor® 647 and CD5 PE on gated CD19+ cells.