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Bio-Rad Supporting Reagents for Flow Cytometry

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In addition to the broad range of flow cytometry validated antibodies we offer for immunology, cancer and veterinary science, we also have supporting reagents that will optimize staining and sample preparation.

To help you use these reagents, we have created a free poster, available to download or order, which takes you through the important stages you should follow to design a successful flow cytometry experiment.


We have a range of buffers suitable for use in cell surface and intracellular antibody staining for flow cytometry and other applications.

Leucoperm™ cell permeabilization reagent for intracellular staining

Leucoperm reagent allows intracellular antigen analysis with the same ease as surface antigens. Structures such as cytoplasmic or nuclear enzymes, oncoproteins, cytokines and cytoplasmic localizations of established membrane molecules can be stained with antibodies. Leucoperm allows you to fix and permeabilize cells in suspension whilst retaining their morphology.

Staining bufferbovine calf serum containing staining buffer

Our staining buffer has been optimized for use when staining both live and fixed cells with antibodies. Suitable for use with both conjugated and unconjugated antibodies and can be used as an antibody dilution media and a wash buffer. The addition of bovine calf serum reduces background staining to target cells and contains sodium azide to minimize receptor capping.

Fixation bufferparaformaldehyde containing fixation buffer

Essential for intracellular staining prior to permeabilization, fixation buffer is a paraformaldehyde based fixative suitable for use on most cell types.

ICS perm wash buffer (10x) – permeabilization and wash buffer for intracellular staining

Access to intracellular targets such as cytokines and cytoplasmic proteins requires permeabilization of the cell membrane after fixation. Our permeabilization buffer has minimal effect on cell morphology and is supplied as a 10x solution for dilution in water. It can also be used as a wash buffer during intracellular staining to help minimize background staining.