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Bio-Rad Serine Protease Detection Kits

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Fluorescent Labeled Inhibitors of Serine Protease (FLISP) Kits allow the detection of intracellular chymotrypsin-like activity of serine proteases in live cells.

Serine protease activation plays major roles in apoptosis (Johnson 2000), tumor malignancy (Chen et al. 2001, Magee et al. 2001) and as diagnostic indicators of breast (Yousef et al.  2000), head and neck carcinomas (Lang et al. 2001). They are also thought to play a role in infections and transplant rejection (Estanbanez-Perpina et al. 2000, Jans et al. 1998).

​FLISP inhibitors are cell-permeable and non-cytotoxic fluorochrome-labeled analogs of the first serine protease inhibitor, tosyl phenylalanyl chloromethyl ketone (TPCK), labeled with carboxyfluorescein (FAM) which is excitable by a 488 nm laser and emits at 520 nm.

They are available with either a chloromethyl ketone (CMK) or diphenyl 1-(N-peptidylamino) alkanephosphonate (DAP) reactive group containing compound. Specificity for chymotrypsin-like enzymes is determined by the amino acid targeting peptide. A Phe moiety will bind to chymotrypsin, whereas a Leu moiety will target chymotrypsin C.