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Miltenyi Biotec Custom / Contract Research Services

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Miltenyi Biotec’s Custom Antibody Design Service enables researchers to tailor personalized solutions for their flow cytometry, including purified, functional-grade antibodies, single- and multicolor antibody conjugates, as well as multicolor cocktails.

  • Fast turnaround times – production capabilities to suit tight timelines
  • Great flexibility – from bulk antibody production to small individual orders
  • Quality and consistency – based on Miltenyi Biotec’s high quality standards

Color your research

With the release of the novel Vio® Dyes, Miltenyi Biotec can now offer up to eight different fluorochrome conjugates (table 1) for antibodies covering a wide range of specificities. Antibodies can additionally be coupled to biotin, or left in the non-conjugated, purified state.



Custom Antibody Design Service

The Custom Antibody Design Service team provides high-quality, affordable, and custom-designed reagents exactly to your required specifications.

  • Customized order quantities of a wide selection of antibodies and clones to make your research more affordable. This allows grants and budgets to go further.
  • Flexible antibody concentrations, ranging from any minimum concentration up to 5 mg/mL.
  • Quickly expand multicolor panels and remove potential bottlenecks to downstream work with turnaround times of between 2 and 4 weeks.
  • Antibodies can be provided in a specified buffer solution and free of sodium azide if required.
  • Reproducible lot-to-lot antibody performance ensures the integrity of long-term studies.
  • All products are optimized to meet the most stringent quality control.
Table 2: Range of Custom Antibody Design Services

Wide choice of fluorochromes and antibodies

Miltenyi Biotec’s Vio Dyes provide some of the highest mean fluorescence intensity values and largest stain indices available on the market. The Custom Antibody Design Service team can couple these fluorochromes to any antibody or clone withinthe Miltenyi Biotec portfolio, or any customer-supplied antibody (see table 2).