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Cytognos ALOT: Acute Leukemia Orientation Tube

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The ALOT kit designed by the EuroFlow™ consortium contains a combination of 8 antibodies for initial assessment of the nature of immature populations of hematopoietic cells in samples with suspicion of acute leukemia. The ALOT kit also allows appropriate orientation towards a proper characterization panel (BCP-ALL, T-ALL and/or AML).

  • Implement EuroFlow™ standardization protocols and give extra value to your laboratory work flow
  • CE marking for in vitro diagnostics
  • Integral solution including FIX&PERM® kit for cytoplasmic staining

An integrated analysis of the ALOT screening tube is proved to be an unprecedentedly strong tool for acute leukemia diagnosis. The ALOT combination shows an orientation efficiency of 98.3% for non-ambiguous lineage cases, which has been tested prospectively at different centers. (Van Dongen et al. Leukemia 2012; 26:1908–1975).


FIX&PERM® Kit contains 2 reagents: fixation medium (Reagent A) and permeabilization medium (Reagent B). Based on the extensive experience of the EuroFlow™ laboratories, the FIX&PERM® reagents were selected to fix and permeabilize cells for intracellular staining.

*In cooperation with Nordic-MUbio BV, The Netherlands. FIX&PERM® is a trademark of Nordic-MUbio BV.