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CD1d Dextramer for accurate quantification of NKT Cells

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CD1d Dextramer reagents

CD1d Dextramers are flow cytometry reagents for identification and sorting of Natural Killer T (NKT) cells.

The number and function of NKT cells play an important role in regulating the immune response in many autoimmune diseases, cancer, graft versus host disease, inflammation and various infectious diseases.

hCD1d/α-GalCer Dextramer
(Cat. No. XD8002)

  • Staining reagent for monitoring NKT cells.

The CD1d/α-GalCer Dextramer displays human CD1d molecules loaded with α-GalCer. The reagent can stain both human and mouse NKT cells.

hCD1d/unloaded Dextramer
(Cat. No. XD8001)

  • Staining reagent for monitoring NKT cells.
  • Load your lipid of interest to generate a unique CD1d/lipid Dextramer.
  • Can be used as negative control reagent.

The CD1d/unloaded Dextramer reagent displays human CD1d molecules without loaded lipid antigen.

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CD1d Dextramer Price information

Size Price EUR       Price US & Canada
15 Test   445,00 €   595,00 $
50 Test   995,00 € 1195,00 $
150 Test 1850,00 € 2195,00 $
500 Test 4450,00 € 5250,00 $
1000 Test 7650,00 € 8995,00 $


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