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pHrodo™ Red E. coli BioParticles® Phagocytosis Kit

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–Specifically detect phagocytosis and endocytosis with pH-sensitive fluorogenic dye - discriminate endcytosed from adherent and extracellular particles

–Reduced signal variability and improved timing in sensitive experiments - no need for wash steps or quencher dye
–Bright red fluorescence - conveniently multiplex with green dyes such as GFP, Fluo-4, or calcein

The pHrodo™ Red dye gives faster and more accurate results than any other phagocytosis assay

The new Molecular Probes® proprietary pH-sensitive rhodamine-based pHrodo™ Red dye is non-fluorescent at neutral pH, but turns bright red upon acidification. Because it is both fluorogenic and pH-sensitive, the pHrodo™ Red dye can be used as a specific sensor of phagocytic events; acidification of the phagosome following phagocytosis is marked by red fluorescence. It is therefore an ideal tool with which to study phagocytosis and its regulation by drugs and/or environmental factors.

Rapid and reproducible