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Cell Cycle Assays for Flow Cytometry

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Our cutting-edge tools can help simplify your cell division, mitosis and cell cycle research.

Cell division analysis and control represents one of the most dynamic segments of biomedical and drug discovery research. Regulation of major events of the cell cycle—DNA synthesis, mitosis, and cell division—involves steps which are crucial to the cell, including detecting and repairing genetic damage and providing various checks to prevent uncontrolled cell division.


Whether you are exploring the mitotic pathway or evaluating a novel compound, Invitrogen can ensure that you’ll have the most innovative cell cycle research tools at your fingertips. Our novel platforms and products include antibodies, tools for flow cytometry, fluorescent cell dyes and stains, and cell cycle related immunoassays.

Flow cytometry, in conjunction with modeling algorithms, provides a powerful tool to assess cells in G0/G1 phase versus S phase, G2, or polyploidy. Invitrogen offers a series of fluorescent dyes to allow accurate cell cycle analysis in either live or fixed cell populations.

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Vybrant® DyeCycle™ Stains

Vybrant® DyeCycle™ Stains for Cell Cycle Analysis   The Vybrant® DyeCycle™ family of dyes offers robust fluorescent dyes for live cell cycle analysis with limited cytotoxicity using 405, 488, 532, or 633 nm excitation. The dyes have low cytotoxicity, allowing stained cells to be sorted and otherwise cultured or assessed with functional assays after staining.

FxCycle™ Stains

FxCycle™ Stains for fixed cell cycle analysis   Analyzing cell cycle using FxCycle™ Violet, SYTOX® AADvanced™, or FxCycle™ Far Red stains allows for multiple color options for simplified fixed cell cycle analysis.

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Antibodies for Flow Cytometry

Live Cell Cycle

Fixed Cell Cycle

Cell Cycle Assays Selection Guide

Laser    Live Cells  Fixed Cells
  Hoechst 33342
FxCycle™ Violet
405 nm
  DyeCycle® Violet
FxCycle™ Violet
488 nm
  DyeCycle® Green
SYTOX® AADvanced™
532 nm
  DyeCycle® Orange
SYTOX® AADvanced™
561 nm
  -- SYTOX® AADvanced™
633/5 nm
  DyeCycle® Ruby
FxCycle™ Far Red

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