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Enhancing the Shared Resource Laboratory

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Ryan Duggan will be presenting the webinar “Enhancing the Shared Resource Laboratory through the Use of Social Media.”

Ryan serves as the Technical Director of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility at the University of Chicago (UCFlow).

The past decade has seen a dramatic emergence of new media forms (such as social media) and web-(or”cloud”) based tools that have had a significant impact on the ways in which individuals and organisations interact and conduct business.

Like other areas of science and industry, shared resource laboratories (SRLs) have much to gain from leveraging these technologies. This webinar will share some of my experiences in utilising these tools. New media will be discussed in the context of enhancing SRL visibility and status and interacting with colleagues and customers.

These tools will give your facility renewed confidence in providing high quality services in an efficient manner while expanding your user base within and beyond your own Institution.