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Basics of Multicolor Flow Cytometry Panel Design

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With the proliferation of new fluorescent dyes, as well as instruments that can detect 18 or more parameters multicolor flow cytometry has become more popular and more accessible than ever. This webinar will discuss the caveats of good panel design, including:

  • Rules for designing panels
  • Examples and practical application of these rules
  • Controls and standardization
  • Relevance of panel design to new mass cytometry platforms


Holden T. Maecker, PhD, Director of the Human Immune Monitoring Center at Stanford University 

Dr. Maecker is an Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford University. His research focuses on cellular immune responses to chronic pathogens and cancer, and the correlation of those responses with immune protection. Dr. Maecker received his PhD from Stanford University, where he also did postdoctoral work. He previously held positions at Loyola University Chicago and BD Biosciences, San Jose, CA.