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BioLegend MojoSort™ cell separation

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MojoSort™, a versatile nanoparticle for magnetic isolation of cells with high purity, yield, and preserved functionality

We are proud to introduce MojoSort™, a magnetic bead-based system for effective cell isolation. Cells can be isolated through positive selection, where cells of interest are bound by antibody-conjugated magnetic nanobeads. Or, cells can be isolated through negative selection, where the population of interest is untouched and all other cell types are labeled. Following separation with our magnet, both fractions of cells can be used for downstream applications.

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About MojoSort™

What's in the name? From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, mojo is a power that may seem magical and allows someone to be very effective or successful. And that’s what we believe: that by using MojoSort™ you will get great results in your cell separation experiment, and at the same time, save on your budget.

MojoSort™ Nanobeads are magnetic particles directly conjugated to antibodies (positive selection) or Streptavidin. MojoSort™ Isolation Kits typically contain a biotin-antibody cocktail and Streptavidin Nanobeads, intended to isolate an untouched cell population.

To use these products, you also need a separation buffer and a magnetic separation system. We recommend our MojoSort™ Buffer (Cat. No. 480017) and MojoSort™ Magnet (Cat. No. 480019).