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Bio-Rad Optimise your flow cytometry

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The quality of Flow Cytometry data is dependent on the quality of your cells. Understanding the best method of cell preparation, staining protocols and cell analysis can be crucial to obtaining valid data.

This webinar covers best practice to prepare single cell suspensions from different sources to have a viable, contamination free sample. We will also include staining tips and explain how dead cell and doublet removal can improve your data.

Speaker Biography:

Dr Mike Blundell, Product Manager at  Bio-Rad Mike Blundell graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a B.Sc. in Immunology. He then moved to University College London where he joined the group of Prof. Adrian Thrasher and obtained his Ph.D. His thesis research was focussed on the primary immunodeficiency Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome. He investigated novel activating mutations and developed lentiviral vectors for use in gene therapy treatments, some of which have now been used in clinical trials. Mike contributed to 50 peer reviewed papers and has now left academia to become a product manager for Flow Cytometry.