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BioLegend’s Fluorophore Brightness Index

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This webpage allows you to get a quick overview of BioLegend’s fluor offerings, the relative brightness of each, stain index comparisons, and excitation and emission spectra information. Learning the brightness of each fluor will allow you to plan and design the optimal panel for your experiment.

 Data images show anti-mouse CD19 (clone 6D5) staining of mouse splenocytes with the appropriate fluorophore direct conjugate. Flow cytometry was performed on a BD LSRFortessa™.

The Fluorophore Brightness Index Score is a relative indication of fluorescence intensity above the background for each fluorophore antibody conjugation (1=dim, 5=brightest). These values can differ depending upon the flow cytometer, the instrument filters and settings, laser power, the antibody clone and the antigen target, f/p ratios, the buffer conditions, etc.