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The objective of is to provide an accurate, high valuable and comprehensive catalogue of fluorescent (luminescent) dyes, their properties and applications.

The initiators of intend to create a useful research tool (fluorescence database, fluorescence spectra) for all kind of scientists using fluorescence. The intention of is to provide a tool for the community by the community. [More Information].

Data is collected by individual submission and we encourage the scientific community to contributeSubmissions are open for both profit and non-profit organisations. All records are reviewed after their submission to provide high quality data

Access to all the data produced by the project, and to the software used to analyse and present it, is provided free and without constraints, at present and in future. Some data and software may be subject to third-party constraints.[Details]

The database was intitiated by the Applied Sensor Group of the Institute of Analytical Chemistry at the Graz University of Technology in Austria. There is a cooperation with the SG3 Knowledge Network, which maintains the site and is set on further development.