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Evrogen Spectra Viewer

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Mission: Evrogen is an innovation-driven company founded by scientists dedicated to making successful ideas widely available as efficient products and services for life science research. Established in 2000 and constantly developing, Evrogen invents, develops and offers novel technologies and means in the field of molecular and cell biology. Scientists ourselves, we aim at maintaining quality and efficiency of our solutions. We aspire to provide all our expertise to meet customer needs.

Evrogen Spectra Viewer is optimized for recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari browsers. Support for Internet Explorer is currently in development.

How to use

  1. Select fluorescent proteins for comparison;
  2. Choose between laser and wide-field excitation;
  3. Use the slider tool or keyboard to select the wavelength range;
  4. Choose between normalized and non-normalized data presentation. Non-normalized view allows for comparison of the excitation and emission efficiencies of different FPs between each other within the selected wavelength range. Normalized view shows relative efficiency of excitation and emission within the selected wavelength range for each particular reporter.
    Calculation methods >>>

How to print

    Use Print Screen option for printing the resulting page. Direct printing from browser is unstable in this version of Evrogen Spectra Viewer and may result in program hanging.

Problems with loading the Evrogen Spectra Viewer

      If you experience problems with loading or using of this tool, please contact us at

      . Please include browser and OS information in your report.