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Biocompare Funny Science Videos

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Funny Videos from Biocompare!

Biocompare presents hilarious science videos for your viewing pleasure. From power ballads about electrical impedance-based cell monitoring systems to disco hits about PCR reagents, who says science can't make you snicker?

So pop some popcorn, dim the lights, sit back, and have a laugh...while you learn.

The PCR Song

What can we say that hasn't already been said about this one? Over 600,000 views! Holy moly. Kerry Mullis must be proud. Bio-Rad, we salute you.


The Godfather II of life science viral music videos. Way to follow up with a solid sequel, Bio-Rad. Anyone who paid to see Dumb and Dumberer knows that's not an easy thing to do. We noticed that GTCA and the PCR Song made Wired Magazine's Top 10 Science Music Videos, #10 and #1 respectively. Nice!

xCELLigence from Roche

There are few things on this planet finer than a good 80s hair metal power ballad. Combine that with a cell monitoring system that measures impedance across interdigitated micro-electrodes integrated on the bottom of tissue culture E-Plates and the experience is nothing less than transcendant. Roche, we thank you.

SNP Guru

One word: SNP Guuuruuuuuuuuu! Okay, that's two words. Apparently the TaqMan Sample-to-SNP Kit enables you to “obtain SNP genotyping results from the widest possible array of samples including cells, tissues, blood, buccal swabs, mouse/rat tails, plant leaves, and seeds.” I guess that's what it takes to become a SNP Guuuuurruuuuuuu! Sign me up. We think we can take Robbie Johnson.


Hahahahahahaaaaaaa! We get it - his hands are free (thanks to the GeneTitan, “the first hands free microarray processor”) so naturally he's going to play with his dolls..uh..we mean action figures. Will we be seeing this soon on Saturday morning cartoon commercial breaks? Hope so.

epMotion from Eppendorf

For the description of how Eppendorf's automated pipetting workstation boy band jam makes me feel, we defer to the blog post on PostAdvertising: “Every once in a while, a slow jam comes along that's so hot, so juicy, so compelling that it causes its own mini baby-boom..” ‘Nough said.

The Pilz from Binder

Nothing spells G-rated animated fun for the whole family like Binder's KBF Series Constant Climatic Chamber. Move over Pixar.

Reach That Peak

Hands down the best seminar we have attended on the Agilent 6500 Series Accurate-Mass Q-TOF LC/MS systems. That sample matrix really did look complex.

Speed Dating

If you work in science, particularly the type of science that requires the use of a tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer, you know this guy. In fact, you may be this guy.