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FlowRepository is a database of flow cytometry experiments where you can query and download data collected and annotated according to the MIFlowCyt standard.

The following open access article describes how to upload and annotate flow cytometry data sets: Spidlen J, Breuer K and Brinkman R. Preparing a Minimum Information about a Flow Cytometry Experiment (MIFlowCyt) Compliant Manuscript Using the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) FCS File Repository ( Current Protocols in Cytometry, UNIT 10.18, July 2012.

We also have a Quick start guide.

You may download slides from our Workshop at CYTO 2012: Publishing MIFlowCyt Compliant Data to ISAC’s for Cytometry A and Other Journals

A guide to FlowRepository is available at the documentation site for Cytobank and FlowRepository.

You can contact us by filling out a support ticket.