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Cytobank, Inc

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Cytobank Inc. provides scientific, informatics and software solutions for cytometry. We are the creators of Cytobank, a cloud-computing platform for flow cytometry data, available to the scientific community at and as a hosted or deployed solution through Cytobank Inc.

We provide a host of services from training, experiment setup, data analysis and software applications for your needs. Learn more.

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Scientific Expertise

Our scientific interests and work involve all aspects of flow cytometry, including standard immunophenotyping, fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS), phospho-flow, multi-dimensional analysis, intracellular staining, and single cell signaling profiles. We have been part of research projects in cancer, biochemistry, virology, and immunology. We are enthusiastic about spreading flow cytometry technologies and are happy to work with you on experiment analysis, data storage and searching, experiment design, and protocol troubleshooting.

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Technical Expertise

Our technical skills and passions are in building scalable web applications. We have worked with a variety of technologies including Ruby/JRuby on Rails, MySQL, Enterprise Java, Javascript and HAML/SASS. We actively work on Cytobank, a platform to manage share and analyze flow cytometry data over the web.