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Cytobank is a platform for managing, sharing and analyzing your flow cytometry data over the web. The software project started as an approach to manage and analyze the large amounts of phospho-flow cytometry data generated in Dr. Garry Nolan’s laboratory at Stanford University.

We have made Cytobank available through this website or as a hosted solution via Cytobank Inc. to accommodate interest from the flow cytometry and scientific community.

A key goal at Cytobank is to provide a forum or public resource to share and discuss cytometry experiments. This lowers the barrier of entry into flow cytometry for novice users and users in the computational and statistical domains.

Communicating flow cytometry results is difficult if appropriate experiment details are not provided along with an experiment. In Cytobank, users are already providing these details during the course of analysis and are a few clicks away from sharing these details with collaborators around the globe.

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