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This website started out as a tool for PhD students in the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) in Amsterdam.

While building the website, we found there was a demand for good information on meetings and congressen from PhD student to Postdocs and group leaders.

After launching in the NKI it became apparent that more people from other research institutes could use our tool, and we decided to launch the website for a broad audience.

At the moment we are trying to grow and add more meetings to our database. For that we need support, both from users adding meetings, meeting organizers, and sponsors/advertisers to keep the site going.

Any publicity is good publicity. So help us share the website via facebook and twitter or post our link on your website or blog. For any questions or if you want to get involved mail to

We hope you enjoy the site, and that it will help you find a good meeting!

Ruud & Rik