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Francis Crick Flow Cytometry Course London, Mar 2-6)

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The Francis Crick Institute will be hosting a National Flow Cytometry Course from 2nd to 6th March. We will have 8 cytometers from 8 manufacturers installed at the Crick for a week. This will allow us to showcase technology as well as applications.

Each cytometer will host a particular application and will be run by both applications specialists from the companies and UK-based subject matter experts.

Instrument manufacturers featured are: Agilent, Beckman Coulter, Becton Dickinson, Bio-Rad, Cytek, Luminex, Miltenyi, ThermoFisher.

Applications: Multicolour flow cytometry, DNA analysis, cell death analysis, cell proliferation, analysis of small particles, receptor qunatification, spectral flow cytometry and imaging flow cytometry.

Subject matter experts: Derek Davies and Hefin Rhys (Francis Crick Institute), Andy Filby (U Newcastle), Karen Hogg (U York), Shonna Johnston (U Edinburgh), Becky Roberts and Attila Bebes (Babraham Institute), Julfa Begum (QMUL, London), Radhika Patel (Imperial College, London), Cathy Simpson (UCB).

The course will run from 09:30 on Monday 2nd March till 15:00 on Friday 6th March. Registration is now open at:

Places will be limited to allow for maximum interaction and the course is aimed at those who have some flow cytometry experience but who want to expand their skills; it would also be suitable for those who currently work in flow cytometry core facilities.

For further details or quextions please contact Derek Davies (