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Flow Cytometry Facilities Meeting (Newcastle, UK, Jan 8-9)

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Scientific Organisers: Andrew Filby, Andrew Fuller and David McDonald (Newcastle University)

This flow cytometry facilities meeting is aimed at those managing or working in flow cytometry facilities. The meeting will be held in Newcastle.

The sessions will be varied and based around ideas such as how core facilities interact with their institution, high-throughput and high dimensional techniques for data production, software approaches to deal with high dimensional data.

Presentations will be given from those working in or using core facilities and our industry colleagues. There will be ample time in the programme for discussion and networking with participants.

Andrew Filby

Newcastle University
Dr Filby is currently head of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility at Newcastle University.  He leads a dedicated team of flow cytometry specialists/researchers with the sole aim of providing a comprehensive, cutting edge cytometry resource to the wider research community at Newcastle University and beyond.  A significant part of his focus is the development of novel cytometry-based techniques that have underpinned several high profile publications in journals including Science (2012/2017) and Cell (2013.  He also received the Cytometry Part A paper of the year accolade in 2011 for developing an unbiased approach for assessing if asymmetric division plays a role in the immune system.  He specialises in Imaging Flow Cytometry and the use of fluorescence dyes to track cell proliferation, with a particular interest in machine and deep learning approaches for cytometry data analysis.   Dr Filby is also an International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) Shared Resource Laboratory Emerging Leader (SRL-EL) and is heavily involved in a number of educational initiatives for cytometry at both national and international levels.

Andrew Fuller

Newcastle University

Andrew is an Experimental Scientific Officer at Newcastle University Flow Cytometry Core Facility. He has been working for the facility for 7 years and has developed experience in all areas of the field He specialises in flow and mass cytometry covering complex panel design, instrument maintenance and operation, troubleshooting instrumentation, cell sorting and data analysis as well as all aspects of user training. He has detailed experience in small particle analysis and Imaging Mass Cytometry using the Hyperion system. Recently his focus has been on the development of label free image analysis to identify leukocyte subpopulations from bright field images, work that is being carried out with international collaborators. Andrew has given high level flow cytometry training at the EMBL Heidelberg and is involved in local and international training within flow cytometry

David McDonald

Newcastle University

Dr David McDonald is the high dimensional cytometry specialist at Newcastle University. With a decade of experience in the field, he has contributed to cutting edge publications in top journals including Cell, Science and Nature. An expert in both fluorescence and mass cytometry, he facilitates multiple highly-multiplexed suspension cytof and tissue imaging studies whilst continuing to push the boundaries of what is achievable by fluorescence in the core. David brings to cytometry a successful post-doctoral career characterising immune aberrations from genetic-led discovery of novel primary immune deficiency and a PhD in drug-autoantigen interactions. Having devoted his skills toward integrating high dimensional technologies as a main-stay of the core facility he now turns his focus back towards his genetic-led roots in the emerging era of Genomic Cytometry.