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CD4 Initiative Test

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About Us

The CD4 Initiative aims to positively impact HIV and AIDS care by developing a simple, affordable, rapid and robust CD4 point of care test specifically designed for resource-poor settings.

With two field trials already completed in the UK, the CD4 Initiative are working to set up further, rigorous field trials in Malawi, Uganda and the UK to ensure the CD4 test is accurate.  Successful field trials could directly influence policy makers in resource-poor countries to benefit HIV and AIDS care.

The CD4 Initiative was established in 2005 by an award from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Headed by Dr Hans-Georg Batz, former Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Roche Diagnostics, the CD4 Initiative is managed by a dedicated team at Imperial College London and advised by its distinguished steering committee members.

End-User Focused

Following a positive HIV test, patients usually have a blood test to count the number of CD4 T cells in the body. CD4 T cells counts are used to decide when to start antiretroviral therapy.  Unfortunately, these blood tests currently require expensive, complex instruments which are unavailable in rural areas of resource-poor countries.

By developing a CD4 T cell test that suited to resource-poor settings, the CD4 Initiative will positively impact HIV and AIDS care worldwide.

 How the Test Works

Zyomyx Inc CD4 test

The CD4 Initiative test is a rapid and robust, point-of-care diagnostic to count CD4 T cells in adults living with HIV or AIDS in resource-poor countries.

Specifically designed to be used in peripheral health centres, the test will be used to aid diagnosis of HIV or AIDS patients as well as for the initiation of antiretroviral therapy.

The test is a single, disposable unit which can deliver an absolute CD4 count without complex electronics and instrumentation ensuring it is most suited to resource-poor settings.

The CD4 Initiative is working in partnership with diagnostic developers Zyomyx Inc and immune monitoring and surveillance company ImmunoSite Technologies LLC to ensure the test is delivered to the highest standards.

Novel Funding Model

Using a novel industry-focused funding model the CD4 Initiative has forged successful product development partnerships with the diagnostics industry.  The Initiative currently funds Zyomyx Inc. to develop the CD4 point of care test and ImmunoSite Technologies LLC, to develop the test's quality assurance material.  This innovative funding model can be transferred to future projects and priority health conditions.