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Instrunor FlowStainer

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Instrunor: Introducing FlowStainer, the only completely automated, hands free sample preparation procedure for complex flow cytometry

FlowStainer by Instrunor; the world's first fully automated platform for sample preparation in flow cytometry. Flowstainer includes antibody storage and cocktail mixing, cell wash, red cell lysis and centrifugation in a bench top instrument, making it unique in the flow cytometry market today.

Caltag MedSystems have signed an exclusive agreement to sell and support FlowStainer throughout the UK and Ireland. For more information, please view the Press Release here

FlowStainer Features and Benefits:

  • Fully automated walk away system for multiple protocols including antibody control
  • Labour saving and secured reproducibility
  • Up to 18 samples at a time
  • Sample tube cap remover
  • Easy to use computer interface
  • Automatic liquid level detection of antibodies and reagents - no running out during sample run
  • Pipetting robot for blood, antibodies and other reagents
  • Automated cocktail mixing – reduces error & all reagents/antibodies are on board
  • Dispenses down to 3μl
  • Cooling rack for 24/7 antibody storage with over 100 antibody positions
  • Centrifuge with 28 tube carousel and programmable speed
  • Buffer heater