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Hellma Analytics Micro Flow Channels for Cytometry

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Premium Quality - Made in Germany

The heart of every cytometer is a high-precision quartz glass flow cell with a superfine channel. This channel provides stability of the fluidic system and thus enables the precise optical analysis of single cells or particles.

The flow channel typically has a square or rectangular channel profile with dimensions of only a few hundred millimetres with highly polished surfaces.

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Premium Quality

The design of Hellma Analytics’ premium flow channels incorporates more than 85 years of experience in manufacturing high precision components of glass and quartz. Thanks to their extraordinary optical and mechanical precision, Hellma Analytics' premium flow channels guarantee superior results for all measurement parameters.

Premium Technologies

Hellma Analytics is the world’s leading manufacturer of cells and optical components for modern analysis. Due to sophisticated technologies Hellma Analytics is capable of manufacturing customer specified channel dimensions down to 50 µm x 50 µm with any outside dimension and highly polished surfaces of fluorescence free material for interference free laser analysis.

Working with Hellma Analytics flow channels, you can rely on high reproducibility within tight tolerances. Chips, scratch/dig are held to ultra tight tolerances. Hellma Analytics has ultrasonic and CNC drilling capabilities for all kinds of stream shaping cones as well as a direct lens mounting facilitiy. A computer controlled inspection system guarantees the precise channel positioning.

Premium Service

Hellma Analytics customers profit from an extraordinary service in order to get a better solution for their specifications. The philosophy is as simple as that. Just doing more and acting flexible in:

  • technical consultancy
  • prototyping and adaptation
  • communication

These are advantages on which all well known manufacturers of flow cytometry systems rely on.

Hellma Analytics is leading in the area of micro flow channels

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