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Miltenyi Biotec MACSQuant® Tyto Cell Sorter

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The MACSQuant® Tyto is revolutionizing cell sorting with high-speed, 10-parameter cell sorting in a fully closed cartridge. With its easy “plug and play” format and fully automated laser alignment, this innovative flow sorter makes sorting cells accessible to any lab professional. Additionally, the closed cartridge system protects the operator and cell samples from contamination.

  • Microchip-based cell sorting
  • 3 lasers (405, 488, 638 nm), 8 colors plus 2 scatter channels
  • Built-in live support

Full sterility
The fully closed and disposable cartridge contains the sorter microchip, collection chambers, and fluidics. Thereby, completely aseptic sorting conditions required for successful sample processing in basic research and clinical use are produced.  

Never before-seen cell viability
Breaking with traditional sheath-fluid concepts, the MACSQuant Tyto enables high-speed microchip-based cell sorting under the gentlest conditions, defining groundbreaking standards in cell viability and functionality.

Safety for the operator
Samples and operator are kept contamination-free and safe with disposable, fully closed cartridges.

Revolutionary ease of use
Fully automated laser alignment and complete absence of droplets eliminate the need for specialized technical expertise for daily operation. Enjoy waste bin-free, nozzle-free sorting.