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Miltenyi Biotec Automation

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  • Flexible: Customized high-throughput solutions to meet your automation needs
  • Powerful: Unrivaled reliability, convenience and ease of use
  • Full support: Enjoy our strong expertise in establishing complex workflows and assays

An automated high cell throughput solution is required for cell biology projects based on the simultaneous performance of various assays with several cell types. The MACSQuant Analyzer 10 and MACSQuant VYB are easily integrated into robotic systems to meet this need.

In ongoing partnerships with Thermo ScientificTM, Tecan, and Hamilton®, all leaders in lab automation, Miltenyi Biotec is collaborating to establish high-throughput flow cytometric endpoint measurement systems featuring the MACSQuant Flow Cytometers.

Within an automated, high-throughput cell biology workflow our instruments can play multiple roles, including:

  • Fast and reliable multi-parameter analysis of multiple samples (multiple 96- and 384-well sampling)
  • Viability assays such as analysis of apoptosis and proliferation (Live/dead cell analysis for clinical trials), cell cycle, or the differentiation status of cells
  • Determination of absolute cell counts
  • Whole blood cell analysis
  • NK cell killing assays and more

Get in contact with our application specialists in order to customize your workflow and discuss your projects.