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Merck CellStream™ Flow Cytometers

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CellStream™ Benchtop Flow Cytometer for Sensitive Cell Analysis

Capabilities Today. Flexibility for Tomorrow.

The new CellStream™ benchtop flow cytometer delivers unparalleled sensitivity and flexibility for cell and particle analysis. This compact system contains patented optics technology unique to our state-of-the-art Amnis® flow cytometers and has a fully configurable 7-laser capacity. With highly sensitive and configurable optics, researchers benefit from multiparameter detection capabilities, while maintaining the flexibility to tailor and expand the system according to their research needs and budget.

Excitation & Emission Capabilities of the 7-Laser CellStream™ Flow Cytometer

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Sample Handling for Both Single Tubes & 96-Well Plates Is Standard on All Instruments

The CellStream™ flow cytometry system enables walk-away sample handling for high-throughput assays. The built-in, automated plate loader tray holds a 96-well plate and is a standard feature on all instruments. To ensure that cells stay in suspension during sampling, each well is mixed by the sample probe before sampling so there is no need for manual resuspension after loading the plate. To prevent carryover, the sample probe is washed between samples with on-board fluidics. This virtually eliminates the risk of contamination between samples and results in more efficient mixing than shaking plate holder formats or aspiration methods.