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Guava® easyCyte Flow Cytometers

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Flexible. Intuitive. Affordable.

Our microcapillary flow cytometry systems are simpler to operate than traditional sheath-fluid based instruments and are far easier to maintain. They utilize small sample volumes, generate minimal waste, and have lower operating costs.

As a result, Guava® easyCyte flow cytometers are uniquely amenable to on-demand use in the laboratory environment and have helped many scientists achieve insightful cellular analysis since 1998. 

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The culmination of fifteen years of flow cytometry expertise, Guava® easyCyte instruments consume less sample, generate less waste and are easier to use and maintain than traditional flow cytometers — and you choose the optical and sample-handling configurations that suit the needs of your lab. All instruments offer economical single-sample loaders, or a high-throughput multisample tray that acquires from a standard 96-well plate plus up to ten sample tubes.

Single, dual, or triple excitation laser configurations provide up to 14 simultaneous detection parameters, including 12 fluorescent colors plus forward and side scatter for size and granularity determination. For applications requiring exceptional sensitivity, a high-power blue laser (HPL) is offered in both single- and HT-loader formats.

For detailed information about each system, please visit our specifications page.