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Bio-Rad S3™ Biosafety System Class I

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The S3 Biosafety System Class I is an aerosol containment hood custom-designed for the S3 cell sorter, providing users and the environment protection from aerosols created during the cell sorting process.

The biosafety system is an affordable alternative to traditional large and expensive biosafety hoods commonly offered for cell sorters.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact and affordable — small-footprint, economical alternative to large and expensive traditional biosafety hoods
  • Software controlled — full integration with ProSort™ software for fan speed regulation and temperature monitoring in real time
  • Fully accessible — easily opened vinyl walls are magnetically attached, allowing access to all four sides of the S3 cell sorter for cleaning and maintenance
  • Quiet and energy efficient — generates low vibration and sound pressure levels; specialized fans and low backpressure from the HEPA filter reduce energy consumption

Fully integrated with and monitored by the S3 cell sorter's ProSort software, users have real-time information about HEPA filter life and the temperature of the system inside. Fan speed is determined based on the cell sorter operation mode — sorting or idle. The HEPA filter provides protection at 99.997% for 0.3 µm particles. The system is able to perform 100% air exchange 6–8 times per minute around the S3 cell sorter.

The S3 biosafety system is functionally equivalent to the requirements set by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) standards for Class I biosafety and the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) guidelines.

Related Products

The S3 cell sorter is available in 1-laser, 2-detector and 2-laser, 4-detector versions either alone or bundled with the S3 biosafety system Class I.

  • S3 cell sorter with 1 laser (488 nm) and 2 detectors (145-1001)
  • S3 cell sorter with 1 laser (488 nm), 2 detectors, and the S3 biosafety system Class I (145-1021)
  • S3 cell sorter with 2 lasers (488/561 nm) and 4 detectors (145-1002)
  • S3 cell sorter with 2 lasers (488/561 nm), 4 detectors, and the S3 biosafety system Class I (145-1022)