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Attune® Acoustic Focusing Flow Cytometer

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The Attune® Acoustic Focusing Flow Cytometer gives you both high sensitivity and high throughput. You can control your sample concentration, the flow rate, the number of photons you detect, the length of your experiment, the number of samples you run, and more.

All this translates to dependable results - faster and easier than ever before.



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Attune® Flow Cytometer - Higher Sensitivity and Precision

The Attune® Acoustic Focusing Flow Cytometer is designed to deliver higher sensitivity when you need it most. You’ll be able to maintain precise alignment, even at high sample rates (up to 1 mL/min). Alternatively, you can use a slower rate to collect more photons when analyzing dim signals—this translates to better separation and better clarity of your results.

Data obtained with the Attune® Acoustic Focusing Cytometer are more precise (narrower fluorescence peaks) than data obtained with traditional hydrodynamic focusing instruments, resulting in greater separation and easier data interpretation. Switching to highest sensitivity mode, the Attune® Flow Cytometer was able to detect beads that were too faint for the conventional flow cytometer’s detectors, demonstrating sensitivity equal to or better than a conventional flow cytometer.

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The Attune® Flow Cytometer Offers:

Higher Sensitivity & Precision Using Multiple Sample Throughput Rates

Rare Event Detection with Shorter Acquisition Times

Absolute Cell Counting Without Counting Beads


No-Lyse, No-Wash Sample Preparation

 Solutions for a Broad Range of Cell Biology Applications