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ZellScanner ONE

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ZellScanner ONE - an integrated system solution for Chipcytometry

ZellScanner ONE is a system solution that consists of highly integrated hardware-, software- and labware components that have been designed to enable an intuitive, closed workflow from sample to data.

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Next Generation Cytometry - Chipcytometry

Principle of iterative chip-based imaging cytometry

Chipcytometry was first describes 2008 (Hennig et al.) enabling destruction-free analysis of cells and tissues. Thus, your cells are immobilized on microfluidic chips and are analyzed for biomarkers iteratively: After each round of (single- or multicolor) stain+scan, fluorescence is erased and fluorescence channels are free for a new round of biomarker analysis.

Theoretically, this cyclic approach can be repeated for each chip endlessly. Therefore, you don’t need to establish fixed markersets – you can use each antibody with the SAME color and combine antibodies as needed, without time-consuming compensation tests. This cyclic approach (we call it ‘stain-think-stain’ cycles) enables very flexible research and significant shortening of knowledge generation times.