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WEASEL Flow Cytometry Software

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WEASEL is a general purpose flow cytometry data analysis and display program which provides many different display formats and the extraction of a number of numerical or statistical measures.

Multiple data files can be compared side-by-side on screen and there is facility for batch processing. Display layouts may be saved as may high quality graphics which may be incorporated into other documents. One of the program's design parameters was to make operation as simple and intuitive as possible.

WEASEL is not provided free, but a fully functional copy may be downloaded free for testing

The latest version of Weasel: v3.2.1

New in version 3.2.1: Release: 19th January 2015

  • Gates can now be created by a faster "auto gating" mechanism.
  • FCS data files containing more parameters can now be read.
  • The pop up menu for parameter selection in a display is now scrollable so that it is contained within the Weasel window.
  • Logarithmic parameter scaling can now be 4 or 5 decade.

New in version 3.1: Released 5th November 2012

  • [Major] An array of on-screen displays may be selected for collective operations like file change, gate change, duplication or deletion.
  • [Minor] Following the calculation of statistics on multiple data files using "Read All Files in Sequence", the displayed file reverts to that originally displayed.

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved the reading and subsequent export of large or merged FCS data files.
  • 06Oct11: Fixed digitising errors when reading lo-res (256-1024 channel) log scaled data.
  • Improved the density-based colour coding for dot plots where there are few dots showing.
  • Improved the reading of presentations with background-subtracted histograms.
  • Fixed bug in reading DiVa analysis templates with imbedded spaces in gate names.
  • Improved reading of inFlux data.
  • User-assigned time scale axes are applied more consistently.