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Stratedigm CellCapTure Analysis Flow Cytometry Software

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CellCapTure Analysis Flow Cytometry Software offers an array of  tools for effective data exploration and information presentation, as well as the tools necessary to efficiently manage the data workflow, and ultimately, to share information.

All in the familiar Windows-based environment that is both easy-to-use and powerful.

Why you’ll love CellCapTure Analysis Software:

  • Powerful Performance: Visualize, Analyze, Manage and Share your data
  • Easy-to-use, familiar user interface: Drag, Drop and Click! Ideal for multi-user environments
  • Fits into your world:  Can import & analyze  FCS 2.0 or 3.0 list mode data files from any source
  • Flexible: Customizable to your workflow needs

Workflow Management

Data management is an important part of flow cytometry workflow.  Fortunately, the CellCapTure Analysis Software offers a complete set of tools to manage as well as to annotate and organize your data.

CellCapTure Workflow Management features:

  • Experiment, panel, and sample set up: labels
  • Template based interface
  • Data management
 Data Analysis Toolbox

CellCapTure provides computational support to augment data visualization/filtering/sorting through the use of tools to help with grouping, aggregating and summarizing data.

CellCapTure’s Data analysis toolbox features:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Various types of region tools to group/aggregate data
  • Calculated-parameters and calculation sheet support
  • Post color compensation with real time feedback


For a given question or analysis, some visual representations are better than others at conveying the meaning or impact of the data. CellCapTure Analysis Software offers a customizable workspace as well as the ability to organize and present your data to maximize comprehension and meaning. The clean design of the interface puts the emphasis on your data, while the interface recedes to the background.

It is easy to start with simple analyses and incrementally add data or information to convey meaning or answer deeper questions.

  • Vault with controlled user access levels
  • Compatibility with standard FCS2.0, FCS3.0 or later formats
  • Share templates, experiments and reports


Design of Experiments

CellCapTure Software brings powerfull experiment design tools to your fingertips.  Mix and match tubes with a veriaty of plates in the same file, create and organize different samples to keep track of controls and run titration and temperature based incubation studies using CellCapTure’s powerful and intuative user interface and Stratedigm's A600 High Throughput Auto Sampler.