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Cellular Symphony Flow Cytometry Software

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The Cellular Symphony

The Cellular Symphony is an audio representation of flow cytometric data. Each cell is represented by musical notes of timbre, pitch and volume dependent on its FCM parameters.

The program correlates the audio output with 2D and 3D graphical display. It may be that only a musical savant can detect the intricacies in a 3-instrument cellular symphony or it may be that the average cytometrist also can do so with practice. Your comments are invited.

This software has been developed and used at The Walter and Eliza Institute and is provided in a spirit of collegiality for testing by interested parties. It is provided without warranty of any kind and no claims are made regarding its suitability for any task. All are Java programs and will run on systems with Java 1.4.2 or later installed. Unpack the downloaded file to extract the application and launch by double-clicking.

WARNING: Do not subject primary data to any of these programs. All files should be backed up prior to processing.

A description of The Cellular Symphony was presented at a meeting of the Australasian Flow Cytometry Group (see AFCG 2006).

Note: in addition to Java, CellSymphony requires an accessible midi synthesizer (supplied with most modern sound cards).