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International Society for Analytical Cytology (ISAC)

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About ISAC

The International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (formerly International Society for Analytical Cytology) is a scientific and educational organization that leads the way in development of cytometry, transfer of new methodologies, and exchange of cutting-edge scientific and technical information in quantitative cell sciences.


Why should you join ISAC?

The International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) is the professional organization for scientists utilizing multidisciplinary, advanced technology for the measurement of cells and cell processes. ISAC defines cytometry broadly as the characterization and measurement of cells and cellular constitutents for biological, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes and embraces the fields of cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, cell physiology, pathology, immunology, genetics, biotechnology, plant biology and microbiology. There are many benefits to you and your organization from participating in ISAC, not the least of which is access to Cytometry Part A, the Society's official journal. Current Protocols in Cytometry is also available to ISAC members at a special rate. If you have not considered joining this professional organization, please go through the materials below to see where you might find new opportunities for advancement of your career.

How can ISAC influence your life and career?

ISAC members range from new graduates, and graduate students, right through to senior and emeritus members who have long track records of scientific achievement. Since the technologies of interest cross many boundaries, it is very likely that there will be members with scientific interests similar to your own. Developing your techniques, encompassing new technologies, and establishing new assay systems sometimes require a huge investment of your time. ISAC members cover a very broad range of technological expertise. Someone in the Society can assist you. The Society has a strong track record of mentoring over the 25 years of its existence.

Are you a student?

Students are key members of our Society. We have special programs that offer support for attendance at congresses. We support a variety of associated meetings and courses. The Society has a developing mentorship program that is focused on career-building for young emerging leaders. We encourage oral and poster presentations at congresses. You can be sure to receive a quality discussion on your presentation - our members care for the next generation of leaders. Students are VIP members of ISAC!

Are you a postdoc?

Postdocs are crucially important in our Society. You are developing those skill-sets that will set you apart from others. As a technologically based Society, we have the world's most respected experts in many technologies such as flow cytometry, advanced imaging, cell separation technologies, proteomics, clinical diagnostics, and many cell-biology related technologies. Many of our members have written the books on these technologies. By joining ISAC and partnering with us, you will enhance your ability to network with the leaders in many fields of technology.

Are you a faculty member or company employee?

As a faculty member or employee of a company, you need a support network for developing and applying the technologies that will be important for your advancement. As the technology leader in societies worldwide, ISAC is there to support you. We have many of the inventors and developers of cell separation and analysis technologies in our Society. They participate in meetings and discussion lists, write textbooks and reference books, and establish the next-generation of technologies for all to use. As an ISAC member, you will have direct access to these individuals as you network your way to a successful career position. You will have access to continuous advice and counsel from our members. You will have opportunities to participate in leadership positions that will give you credibility and recognition by your peers.

Are you interested in clinical issues in Cytometry?

ISAC has led the development of cytometry technology for many years. While not primarily a clinical Society, ISAC offers many benefits to members who are clinically oriented. First, we provide outstanding workshops and back grounding materials to support an understanding of the technology itself. Second, we cover the entire spectrum of areas from pure instrument development through to clinical application. Third, the core technologies are similar across the entire cell-analysis field regardless of research or clinical focus. Finally, the key leaders in technology development are strong ISAC members. In addition, Society members can receive ICCS's Journal, Cytometry Part B: Clinical Cytometry at a special subscription rate. Produced under the auspices of the Society's Regulatory Affairs Committee is the Flow Cytometry CLIA Compliance Manual. By partnering with ISAC you will find a number of opportunities to facilitate a quality interaction with members with similar interests to your own.

Are you involved with a shared resource?

Shared resources are a foundation for our members in many universities, foundations, government departments, research centers, and corporations. This group of highly talented individuals face tremendous challenges as they try to maintain the most sophisticated technologies available in cell biology today. ISAC has something special for you. ISAC has developed a key program for those involved in shared resources to facilitate support for leaders of shared resourses, training and information exchange for shared resource technicians and technologists, and mechanisms for assisting the communication between resources. Having leaders and technical support staff participate in membership of ISAC is an important way to assist your group.

Are you interested in HCS, HTS?

ISAC is an organization that is small enough to change quickly, but large enough to encompass a variety of current technologies. High Content Screening (HCS) and High Throughput Screening (HTS) are very current issues facing many people in academia and the pharmaceutical industry. ISAC has a strong track record in understanding multiparameter data analysis, and data classification technologies. Further, we have been world leaders in development of standards for fluorescence calibration, quantitation, and standardization. ISAC is developing new programs in this area that promise to provide a quality network of experts to participate in problem solving and the creation of innovative solutions to many issues in this rapidly growing area.

Networking brings results

ISAC may well be one of best organizations available for networking in today's highly technological world. We have some of the world's top developers of technology within our organization. We sponsor specialty technology development meetings, science-based meetings and interactive workshops on a variety of topics. Our members have written many textbooks and reference books and edit such resources as Current Protocols in Cytometry. We provide a journal to facilitate intellectual exchange that covers three primary areas - basic science (Cytometry Part A), clinical applications (Cytometry Part B: Clinical Cytometry) and Imaging (Cytometry incorporating BioImaging). ISAC has three primary areas that you can participate in - Clinical Cytometry, Biological Cytometry, or Cytometric Technology.