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Dutch Flow Group

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Dutch Flow Group represents a group of flow cytometry core facility managers or well experienced flow cytometry users based in the Netherlands, covering the academic centers and related peripheral institutes for research and diagnostics in the health care field.

The scope of this group is to set up and maintaining a network of people having interests in flow cytometry and cell sorting, in particular the technical aspects of flow cytometry instrument and related technology.

Members of the Dutch Flow Group share information about setting up flow cytometry analysis and cell sorting applications, instrument performance, quality control and maintenance via a moderated network forum. Our discussion forum is however in Dutch.

Our facilities are equipped with instruments manufactured by different companies. Due to the frankness of our discussion forum, we do not honor forum-joining requests from flow cytometry company employees.

To become a member of Dutch Flow Group, please submit the form at our contact page.

If you are interested in Flow Cytometry, please have a look at our Flow Cytometry Tutorial section for an overview. Also visit the Web link for more specific information.