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Welcome to URMC Flow Cytometry Resources

The mission of URMC Flow Cytometry Core is to provide investigators with state-of-the-art instrumentation along with the human expertise to support all that is possible now, while pushing the limits of what can be done with flow cytometry.

The Core currently has analytical tools including a FACSCanto II(8-colors) and 4 LSR-II’s (a two 12-color and and two 18-color instruments) from BD Biosciences. We also have a BD 13-color FACSAria cell sorter, an 18-color AriaII cell sorter, an Amnis ImageStream Imaging Cytometer, the Amnis ImageStream GenX, and an Accuri C6 cytometer.

Instrumentation is only part of what we offer. In close association with the Rochester Human Immunology Center, we also offer comprehensive training for your staff, consultation for maximizing the effectiveness and cost of your experiments, as well as an environment that fosters success in both existing methods and crossing the boundaries into new frontiers.