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Georgia Health Sciences University Cancer Center

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The Georgia Health Sciences University Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Core Facility is a Cancer Center-subsidized shared resource. The facility was incepted when the Cancer Center building was inaugurated in 2006.

ts function is to provide high-quality, cost-effective, state-of-the-art flow cytometry and multiparameter cell-sorting instrumentation and associated expertise and services to all investigators on the campus though originally its purpose was serve the needs of Cancer Center members only. Access was eventually opened to all campus researchers because unique technologies exist in the core that are not otherwise available on the campus.

The facility permits maximum and efficient utilization of the equipment and serves to enhance the quality and scope of scientific research performed at the university. The laboratory is BSL2 capable, however, it currently functions as a BSL1-level facility. The exception is the sorter flow cytometer, which is housed in a different area, which is BSL2+ capable.

The laboratory is located in The Cancer Research Center, room CN 4127. Inquiries concerning access to the facility should be directed to its manager, William King.