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Flow Cytometry @FoMD (Alberta)

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The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Flow Cytometry Facility is a multi-user facility at the University of Alberta. Orignially established in 1981, it provides a variety of high quality services for internal and private sector investigators.

Today the facility houses 8 instruments (3 FACSArias, FACSCanto II, 3 LSR-Fortessas, and an Amnis ImageStream mkII) that offer state-of-the-art analytical flow cytometry, cell sorting, and data analysis.

The Facility operates on a fee-for-use basis, which allows partial cost recovery for operating expenses and service contracts for the instruments.  A major portion of Facility operating costs are provided through financial support from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) awards to contributing investigators. User fees are used to cover the cost of supplies and partially cover service contracts and maintenance.

Our Instruments

Heritage Medical Research Center ( 6-67 HMRC)


BD FACSCanto II (8-color, tubes and carousel)

BD Fortessa SORP (18 color, tubes, HTS sampler)

Amnis Image Stream Mark II


BD AriaIIIU (14-color)

BD Aria III (16 color)

Katz Building


BD Fortessa  (8-colour, tubes, HTS sampler) (6-127 Katz)

BD Fortessa X-20 (13color, tubes) ( 6-125 Katz)


BD Aria III  BSL2  (Katz 6-125) (16-color)

Other Instruments that can be of use in Sample Preparation

Vacuum manifold from Firefly Bioworks- please see the core staff for this. For the video tutorial please click here.

Flow core manager

Dr Aja Rieger
6-020C Katz Group Center

Office: 780.492.6721
Core Facility: 780.492.7780

Flow core technologist

Dorothy Kratochwil-Otto
6-67 Heritage Medical Research Center

Office: 780.492.7780