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Cincinnati Children’s Research Flow Cytometry Core

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The Research Flow Cytometry Core (RFCC) is a shared resource laboratory serving the Cincinnati Children’s research communities and surrounding institutions by providing a central location for flow cytometry instrumentation, training and education. We offer a number of services for both internal and external scientists.

New users need to complete this class prior to hands-on instrument training. This monthly class is 3 hours and covers instrument components, analysis, compensation and experimental basics. Register for this class on the ELM (Cincinnati Children's users) or email Monica DeLay for external clients. See below for future dates, times and locations.

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The RFCC at Cincinnati Children’s maintains seven analytical cytometers for measuring fluorescence in cellular applications including immunofluorescence, cell cycle analysis, proliferation and phospho-flow. The instruments are available 24/7 for those who have been trained by our staff.

Cell Sorting

The RFCC at Cincinnati Children’s operates three cell sorters for the simultaneous purification of up to four populations to be used for downstream applications.  If you are a new client, please make an appointment with Monica DeLay to discuss your experimental needs. You must bring a signed billing sheet with your samples to each sort.


The ImageStreamX imaging flow cytometer combines the visual power of microscopy with the speed and sensitivity of flow cytometry by digitally imaging cells directly in flow.


The Luminex is a high throughput multiplexing suspension array system which enables the simultaneous quantitation of a wide array of cytokines and mediators (up to 100) in a single human, mouse or rat sample (i.e. serum, lavage, sputum, cell culture supernatants, etc.). This assay is particularly useful for measurement of mediators/cytokines in small samples (25 ul).  See the Luminex website for more information.

Meet the Team

meet-accordion-sarah croswell

Sarah Croswell

Sarah has a BS from Miami University and began working with the core facility in 2007.  Sarah provides hands-on training and troubleshooting for the analytical cytometers and one-on-one assistance with data analysis using flow cytometry analysis software on the workstations in our core.  Sarah can be reached at

meet-accordion-tim hubbell

Tim Hubbell

Tim received his BA from the University of Cincinnati and has many years of experience in biomedical research on topics ranging from immunology to fluorescent spectroscopy.  Tim joined the RFCC in 2010 as a cell sorter operator where he mainly runs the FACSAria’s and the MoFlo XDP.  Tim can be reached at

meet-accordion-Javid Mohammed

Javid Mohammed

Javid has a MS in Biology from Ball State University and joined the RFCC in 2011. He has several years of research experience in a range of areas from immunology to bioinformatics.  Javid provides hands-on training for the analytical cytometers, assists users in data analysis and operates the FACSAria cell sorters.  Javid can be reached at


Jonathan Schick

Jonathan received his BS from The Ohio State University and has several years of research experience on topics ranging from skin cancer to Fanconi anemia. He joined the RFCC in 2012 as a cell sorter operator on the FACSAria’s and is available to assist users with the ImageStreamX.  Jonathan can be reached at

meet-accordion-a sproles

Alyssa Sproles

Alyssa received her BA in Biology from Northern Kentucky University and has extensive experience in immunological research.  As manager of the Cincinnati Cytokine/Mediator Measurement Core she performed assays measuring protein analytes from a variety of fluids and/or tissues using Luminex and ELISA technologies.  She brought this expertise and service to the RFCC in 2012 and can be reached at

meet-accordion-a nicole white

A. Nicole White

Nicole has a BS from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington and an MBA in global management from Ashland University.  She has been working with flow cytometry and cell sorting applications for several years and joined the RFCC in 2010.  Nicole provides training for the ImageStreamX and assistance with data analysis and operates the MoFlo XDP cell sorter.  She also manages the billing for the RFCC.  Nicole can be reached at

meet-accordion-monica delay

Monica DeLay
Core Manager

Monica has a MS in Biology and extensive research experience involving immunology in autoimmune diseases using flow cytometry as a laboratory technique. In 2008 she joined the RFCC as manager.  Monica is available for experimental consultation on flow cytometric analysis or cell sorting and operates the MoFlo XDP and FACSAria’s. Monica also organizes the RFCC user meetings and teaches the monthly ‘Introduction to Flow Cytometry’ class.  Monica can be reached at

meet-accordion-sherry thornton

Sherry Thornton
Core Director

The Research Flow Cytometry Core is directed by Dr. Sherry Thornton. In 2002 Dr. Thornton became assistant flow core director for the Rheumatology Center Grant (NIHP30) and began serving as the core director in 2005. In 2008 she took on a larger role in flow cytometry at Cincinnati Children’s as director of the Research Flow Cytometry Core, which houses all flow cytometry instrumentation involved in basic research. She can be reached at