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Royan Institute (Tehran, Iran)

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Flow cytometry, typically using fluorescent probes which bind to specific cell-associated molecules, allows for measurements of various phenotypic, biochemical and molecular characteristics of individual cells (or particles) suspended in a fluid stream.

Since the latter part of 2010, we began to sort different types of stem cells using BD FACS Aria II.

Flow cytometry
Our mission is to provide state of the art multicolor flow cytometry services to the Research staff at RI-SCBT. Our educational program provides didactic lectures and hands-on experience with isolation, preparation and staining of all types of human and animal cells, instrument setup and acquisition, and data analysis.

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A Becton-Dickinson FACSCalibur is available to provide analytic capability. The FACS Calibur has a five parameter analysis capability – forward and side scatter and three colors of fluorescence using 488 excitations. The instrument currently uses a MAC G5 computer for instrument control and data acquisition. The software running the FACS Calibur is CellQuest.

BD FACSAria Cell SorterI improvements in fluidics and optics have allowed for higher speed sorting (25,000 events/sec at 70psi using a 70um nozzle) with enhanced overall sensitivity

B. Imaging

IX71 inverted microscope

Immunostained cells or tissues can be observed as well as precise, high quality photographs taken by the BX51 and IX71 microscopes located in the imaging room.

BX51 microscope