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Sheffield Medical School Core Flow Cytometry Facility

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Cell Analysis: This facility provides a central service, of experimental design, sample acquisition and in depth analysis for the School of Medicine and other Sheffield University departments. We are delighted to provide access to a state-of-the-art ulti-laser and detector analyser. The BD LSRII is now installed and ready for use. The cytometer has the following configuration;

355nm UV laser 2 detectors
405nm violet laser 2 detectors
488nm blue laser 6 detectors
633nm red laser 3 detectors

Soluble Protein Quantification: It is possible to quantify the levels of multiple soluble proteins in small sample volumes (less than 50ul) using the BD FACSArray. Cytometric Bead Array Flex sets (CBA´s) are coated with an antibody to the protein of interest. Beads with specific antibody on the surface are clustered together based on their red fluorescence associated with them. These clusters are captured by the BDFACSArray and are distinguished via a grid.

PLEASE NOTE that we also undertake work for external academic departments and industrial users. Please contact Sue Newton ( for more details.