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Molecular Imaging Centre (University of Bergen, Norway)

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Flow cytometry is a technology that measures and analyzes the optical properties of mono-dispersed single particles, such as cells, bacteria, picoplankton, microbeads, yeast, platelets, nuclei and other similarly-sized particles, passing single file through a focused laser beam.

An important feature of flow cytometry is that large numbers, for example thousands of particles per second, are analyzed and therefore provide a statistically significant picture of a specimen's physical and biochemical make-up.


Operator assisted cell sorting, acqiusition and analysis. Arrange meetings, seminars and courses on flow cytometry and cell sorting for individuals wishing to perform flow cytometry analysis using the core facility, a training program will be initiated to provide instruction in the use of the instrument. Certified trained users may use the FACS Aria without Core Facility supervision. Qualification provides use of the facility outside normal operating hours which include evenings and weekends. Please contact Marianne Enger if you want such qualification.

For training/consulting please contact Marianne Enger (phone 55 57 46 60).


The UiB Flow Cytometry core facility does not perform viable cell sorting on samples containing pathogens known to infect humans. Due to the fact that cell sorting generates aerosols and that cells are generally not submitted in any fixative, the biohazard risks are much greater than in analytical flow cytometry. It is therefore important to discuss any and all biohazard issues with the sorter operator. The same considerations also apply to the use of the analytical.

Location: Gades Institute, Lab Building 5th floor, Room 5110 "Forskningslaboratorier"

Contact: Marianne Enger


Telephone: 55 97 46 60