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University of Otago

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Multi-colour analysis, viability, cell cycle analysis, fluorescent proteins, flow FISH, apoptosis, signal transduction pathways (phosphorylation), autophagy, oncosis, necrosis, functional analysis, rare event analysis, translocation, FRET, bacteria, CBA, insects, neurons, NADPH, DNA and RNA content, transcription factors and much more!

All users must have registered (click here to begin) and undertaken basic training - contact Michelle Wilson, who will direct you to instrument-specific training as required. 

Multi-colour Flow Cytometry 

BD Fortessa (Microbiology)

$108 per hour ($36 PI / $72 cost centre)

Beckman Coulter Gallios (Pathology)

$108 per hour ($36 PI / $72 cost centre)

FACS Canto II (Microbiology)

$108 per hour ($36 PI / $72 cost centre)

Cell Sorting

BD FACS Aria (Microbiology)

$140  per hour of sorting ($47 PI / $93cost centre) normally 2-3 hours including setup. 

Simple Flow Cytometry (1-4 Parameters)

FACS Calibur - South Campus (Medicine) - $72 per hour ($24 PI / $48 cost centre)

Analysis workstation

Apple Mac Pro with analysis software available (SPICE, FlowJo 9 and 10) No charge (Microbiology Room 414)

Multiplex Array

Bioplex Multiplex Analyser (Microbiology) $50 per hour

AutoMACS Magnetic Cell Sorter 

(Microbiology) Charges vary - contact Michelle Wilson