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How To Prepare, Run, And Analyze A Cell Sorting Experiment

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How To Prepare & Analyze A Cell Sorting Experiment

Thursday, April 17, 2014 from 11:00AM - 12:00PM EST


Do you know how to choose the right compensation controls and how to set up the right gates for your cell sorting experiment?

Did you know that using a soybean trypsin inhibitor will prevent your cells from clumping, which will give you better results and make data analysis more accurate?


Did you know that having 10-50% protein in your catch buffer is ideal for keeping your cells alive after sorting them? 


Did you know that polystyrene tubes can negatively affect your cell recovery? 



Simple changes such as proper nozzle size selection, tube selection, catch buffer selection, trypsin selection, use of viability dyes, compensation controls, gating strategy, and understanding how Poisson distributions can make or break your sort purity all add up to change a bad experiment into a good experiment.  


This webinar will demystify the above topics and more including sample preparation, monitoring of sort efficiency, and the important questions to ask before using this technology to prepare your cells for sorting and analysis.


At the end of the lecture, students will have the opportunity to earn a certificate of achievement with the successful completion of a small on-line quiz.