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Flow Cytometry Statistics - Everything You NEed to Know to Get Published - ExCyte is a professional flow cytometry consulting company. Our mission is to provide expert instruction and to help leaders in the field connect and grow. We specialize in providing education opportunities to anyone utilizing flow cytometry or imaging in their research.

ExCyte’s courses provide a complex understanding of flow cytometry, instantly improving the attendees’ knowledge in experimental design, instrumentation, compensation, data analysis, and figure preparation. Trained experts in the field of cytometry provide unbiased lecture style training in basic and advanced topics in cytometry at a reasonable cost to the researcher.

How To Turn Your Flow Cytometry Data Into Meaningful Statistics

Thursday, February 13, 2014 from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Do you know what a T-test or ANOVA analysis is?

Did you know that MFI has no standard definition?

MFI could be mean, median, or geometric mean of the data. Each has a very different meaning and the results of your statistical analysis depend on using the correct one.

In this lecture, the principles of statistical analysis of flow cytometry data will be covered. We will start with descriptive statistics, which are used to mathematically characterize the shape of the data (e.g. mean, standard deviation, CV), as well as how to manipulate these statistics into more meaningful values (e.g. fold over background and RD). We will also show you how to perform T-tests and ANOVA analyses. 

Next, this lecture will go through the field inferential statistical analysis, including how to use descriptive statistics to test your hypothesis.

We will highlight how to set up proper null hypotheses for flow cytometry experiments, how to leverage significant data, and how to avoid common statistical errors

Purchasing an Eventbrite ticket will give you exclusive access to the this seminar, which is hosted by Fuze Box, and will allow you to interact directly with the workshop instructors by asking questions using Fuze Box's Q&A tool. After the seminar, you will also be given a link to download a video of the course for free to watch later. 

An hour before the seminar (12PM EST), you will receive an access link via email that will allow you to join the seminar on Fuze Box, a seminar hosting server. The seminar starts at 1PM EST. Your ticket is also your receipt.